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Board Members

Mike Tritle: Commercial Parts Manager, Advance Auto Parts, DeKalb, IL

Terry & Connie Wheeler: Cruizin Wheels, Inc, Cortland, IL

Floyd Stamper: Sycamore School District, Sycamore, IL

Ryan "Hutch" Hutchison: Lovell's Discount Tire, DeKalb, IL

Cary Singer: Deputy Chief, Sycamore Police Department, Retired, Sycamore, IL

Mike DeVito: Agency Principal, MyInsuranceGuy, Sycamore, IL

Michael DeVito II:
 Insurance Broker, MyInsuranceGuy, Sycamore, IL

Tim Kuhn: Project Manager, Intren, Sycamore, IL

Madeline Kuhn:
 Elementary School Teacher, Sycamore, IL 

Zach Wheeler:
DeKalb High SchoolCortland, IL

​Terry Wheeler, Jr: Cortland, IL

Will Kuhn: Sycamore High School, Sycamore, IL

Trenton DeVito: Sycamore High School, Sycamore, IL 

Joe and Heather Woodward: ​Sycamore, IL

Brett Littlefield: ​Auto Meter, Sycamore, IL

Keith Kauffman: NAPA Auto Parts, Genoa, IL 

Craig Pohlman: Sycamore, IL 

Jim George: Jim George & Sons, Sycamore, IL 

​Terri Wheeler, ​Cortland, IL